A Time of Judgement: On Reaping what we have sown

For those who like digging for nuggets of gold, below is a new Juan O’ Savin interview with David Nino Rodriques.

As Q The Storm Rider stated in the Tweets above, Juan is saying these next moves in the months ahead are going to be hard to handle (esp. for Americans) and we’ll have to toughen up. It has to be so painful we will never want to go through this again. "A total gut-punch." He says what is coming will be almost impossible for people to grasp and understand how it could have come to this. He says there will also be some great rallies.

What David asks Juan is, will Trump be the first shocking arrest. Wow—that would wake up America, wouldn’t it?

“It’s Just A Mask” — Oh, really?!?! (Video)


The main reason for this has to do with cellular/genetic/galactic memory of blood. This is coded into the entire structure of the blood. All the emotions that the donor has felt during his entire lifetime are part of the blood. This cannot be filtered out. For example if you get a heart of a man who died in a car accident, all the cells of that organ have the memory of the accident and every emotion that was felt while dying. These emotions confuse your own coding and then mass internal confusion happens at the cellular level and the order turns into chaos. No shrink at $100 per hour is gonna fix that, ever.

Could this be the answer to Covid injection regret?

Seawater –

A Safe Blood Plasma Substitute?

Diluted seawater contains almost the same concentration of minerals and trace elements as blood plasma, and its sodium content matches that of blood. It has been used successfully in animal tests as a blood transfusion substitute


Here follows the account of this experiment in René Quinton’s own abbreviated words:

"The dog lay quietly in the morning, covered, his body weight was 6.5 kg, the rectal temperature [was] 39.7 degrees C. The temperature of the injection was about 35-40 degrees C. The rate of injection was 14.9 cc – the same as urinary elimination. During the 11 hours and 40 minutes of the injection, there was no agitation, no diarrhea, no albuminuria, and all the reflexes remained active. The dog kept his eyes on the operator and reacted to every caress. Occasional vomiting of a yellowish liquid (50cc total quantity). The rectal temperature declined in stages to 36.8 degrees C. and at the end of the injection [period] rose to 37.2 degrees C. By this time, the dog had absorbed 10.4 kg of [isotonic sea] water and had excreted 9.4 kilos of urine."

"One hour and ten minutes after the injection, the dog was back on his feet, moved normally except for a slight limp caused by the binding of his feet during this experience. At this time, his rectal temperature was normal at 39 degrees C."

The next day, 14 hours after the injection, the animal was remarkably gay, ran and jumped in the laboratory, ate two portions of meat weighing 600 grams and drank 100 grams of water. His urine, from the night, showed a slight albumin cloudiness."

imageThe day after, and the following days, the dog continued to behave the same way: more energetic than before the injection, no diarrhea, no vomiting, normal albumin, not troubles of any kind."

A link for more information (click picture) 

Dianne Jacobs Thompson

My long-time fear of having a blood transfusion or anything else injected directly into my unprotected bloodstream has grown stronger over the years. It’s not a religious issue, but rather an occupational hazard. Being a health researcher, I’m haunted by terrible visions of what could go wrong—with good reason. I feel like the meat inspector who becomes a vegetarian. I know things that forever destroyed my innocent faith in all things medical. I no longer worship in the Church of Modern Medicine, nor tithe to its pseudo-gods voluntarily.

They, the health (read disease) industry specialists, check blood better these days to catch unsafe blood supplies contaminated with HIV, hepatitis and other disease components, but blood products still aren’t completely safe, even with modern technology. They can’t sterilize blood any more than they can sterilize vaccines to kill all the unwanted bugs without destroying the nature of these products.

They test blood and separate blood components through centrifugal action and other methods to purify these substances as much as possible, but it remains impossible for them to promise or deliver a completely safe blood-related product. Blood is alive: it cannot be sterilized or rendered antiseptic.

Did you notice Justine’s Trudeau’s teeth? I happened to look at photos like these just the other day because I was looking for that. Another replacement.

As we’ve been told, a lot of the "earthquakes" are not earthquakes, they are the alliance taking out deep underground military bases (DUMBs) with tactical nukes.

"QUAKE not QUAKE"We still got the video as proof for you.

Anyway it & the rest of the its got their marching orders.




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