James Comey Military Tribunal: Day 1

Vice Adm. Hannink opened the day with a scathing assault on Comey’s character, accusing him of ordering the deaths of countless citizens in the name of following orders issued by his former master, Barack Hussein Obama.

James Comey Military Tribunal: Day 1“Comey told Obama that air and drone strikes were an effective means to silence what was then a very powerful opposition movement. And he told Obama that guillotines would be more effective than bullets to silence persons opposing Obama’s war of terror on Americans. Comey wrote: ‘Studies have demonstrably proven the effectiveness of guillotines in gaining compliance. If a man sees his wife shot, he will become enraged and vengeful; if he sees his wife’s head sliced off, he will cower in fear and become submissive.

Situation Update, June 3rd, 2021 – Chinese Stealth Drones Surveilling US Energy Infrastructure

An explosion crippled an Iranian oil refinery just hours after a fire sunk its largest warship!