Pineapple Enzyme Bromelain a Remedy for COVID-19 and Vaccine Injuries

He shared that he read about research in Australia using the enzyme bromelain, derived from pineapple, and its success in destroying the “spike protein in COVID-19,” and decided to try using it as a therapy with an elderly woman who had received two COVID-19 injections and was now “magnetic.”

After taking this for just over a month she is now to my surprise no longer magnetic.

I found two peer-reviewed studies that have been published since COVID-19 started, where it was being tested as an early treatment for COVID-19.

After it was peer-reviewed, it was published in the journal Clinical and Translational Medicine in February of 2021 with the title: Bromelain inhibits SARS‐CoV‐2 infection via targeting ACE‐2, TMPRSS2, and spike protein.

And yet, this study never made into my newsfeeds, either in the corporate media or the alternative media.

“Our lab results show the new drug renders the COVID-19 spike ineffective, stopping it from infecting other cells.

You can read the full study here:

I am not aware of any attempts to ban bromelain yet, as these supplements are still readily available, and has been used it for many years as a natural digestive aid.

Isn’t it interesting that the VAERS site was down? Makes it hard for physicians to report and enter their data on the overwhelming number of adverse reactions to the Big Pharma Big Needle as well as for anyone to check with the system for information.

Delta COVID-19 Variant Shed by Vaccinated People, Spreads Like Chickenpox

July 30, 2021: Internal document from the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that the Delta COVID-19 strain spreads easily like the chickenpox among fully vaccinated people also transmitting the virus.

Admitting that the transmissibility of the Delta variant was almost as high as the chickenpox, with each infected person to person, on average, infecting approximately eight or nine others in herd grouping.

That the fully vaccinated people who become infected can transmit the virus as well as people who are unvaccinated.

Also coupled with the alarm is the acknowledgment of breakthrough infections, by those recovered from COVID-19, who are infected again, that it may not be so rare after all, and stressing that vaccinated individuals are transmitting the virus.

And the reason for the reinfection is because NONE OF THE COVID-19 VACCINES CLEARS/NEUTRALIZES THE VIRUS FULLY FROM THE BODY – and so escaping nanoparticles of the virulent protein pieces are deposited and hiding to breakthrough again once the immune system is compromised. The CDC is well aware of this fact. The COVID-19 vaccines are very poorly designed.

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 2, the free PDF book: Download and read about the corona-virus Sham-Recovery because S proteins are include in the antibodies; persist for life after recovery, page 1027. Everything was concealed from the population deliberately, page 1028.  Antibodies cannot guarantee complete protection, page 1030.  Long-term effects of the corona-virus, page 897. Corona-virus long-term effects impulse deposit caused by S proteins in the antibodies, page 1027. Corona-virus long-term effects, page 1049.  Neutralizing capability to disable the virus should be added to the vaccines, page 1050. The immune system corresponds to a vital necessity, page 1057. Inflammation reactions traced back to unclean vaccine, page 1059. Vaccines used in various cases exert a certain influence on the DNA, page 1060. Additional vitamins, mineral-substances and trace-elements for supplementation – the lack of supplementation spoil, the wellbeing of the people; food nutrition very poor, page 987.  Sham-vaccines, page 949. Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 2 Book)

Dr. Plotkin Admits Fetal Cells Under Oath & Human DNA Fragments in Vaccines!

I don’t think anything would surprise us any more… and then it does. I thought we were scraping the bottom of the barrel for weird, perverse, shocking, unbelievable, painful, criminal, despicable, and evil… and then I woke up this morning.


Med Schools Are Now Denying Biological Sex

During a recent endocrinology course at a top medical school in the University of California system, a professor stopped mid-lecture to apologize for something he’d said at the beginning of class.image

“I don’t want you to think that I am in any way trying to imply anything, and if you can summon some generosity to forgive me, I would really appreciate it,” the physician says in a recording provided by a student in the class (whom I’ll call Lauren). “Again, I’m very sorry for that. It was certainly not my intention to offend anyone. The worst thing that I can do as a human being is be offensive.”

His offense: using the term “pregnant women.”

“I said ‘when a woman is pregnant,’ which implies that only women can get pregnant and I most sincerely apologize to all of you.”

Mystery in Cuba: 5 high-ranking generals died in just 10 days

Received in my inbox this morning:

>Elon Musk was Genetically created off the DNA of Nikola Tesla<
>Trump’s Uncle John G . Trump
Took control of Tesla’s Projects including Looking Glass and free Energy
Outside of Earth’s Atmosphere are smaller Worm Holes> that connect to different parts of the Universe including Mars
>On 30 December, the billionaire and SpaceX chief executive Musk quoted a popular line from the film Young Frankenstein on Twitter. He tweeted: “Destiny, destiny. No escaping that for me.”
>> he was referring to being a genetically modified human being created of Tesla’s DNA

"He’s one of our great geniuses"
Trump says about Elon musk…

>Now you know why Elon used the Name Tesla.

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The Great Awakening movement
Stay vigilant

The Banks Will Collapse Very Soon – Coming Chaos: No Banks, No Public Facilities, No Food, And Rampaging Gangs of Desperate People

According to a Moody’s analysis on sovereign debt, the world’s five largest AAA-rated countries (including the United States) are all at risk of rising debt costs and will be forced to enact austerity policies that would result in higher debt costs.

imageIf you don’t want to listen to Moody’s, perhaps you should listen to the man who has been dubbed the world’s top trends researcher. Gerald Celente, the CEO of Trends Research Institute, believes we are on the verge of entering “The Greatest Depression.” He provides a very bleak picture of America’s future that is both terrifying and sobering.

It would be easy to dismiss Celente’s predictions as the babbling of yet another useless “talking head,” yet he has been dead-on correct time and time again in the past. Given Celente’s impeccable track record, what he predicts for America’s future is terrifying….

According to the government, there are ten trillion dollars in the US banking system that we can easily remove. How can that be accurate when there is only 1.4 trillion dollars and coins in circulation, and more than half of that is outside the United States? This does not include the tens of trillions of dollars owed to foreign nations who have bought our debt. If all of our creditors came together and demanded payment at the same time, there would be less than $1 for every $1000 owing. The global economy is on the verge of collapsing. This is how all great empires founded on fiat currencies end. My wife and pals, for example, have no idea what’s coming.