Might want to get prepared. Don’t know if this is true. Never hurts to be prepared. I don’t have a link, but posting in case it’s true. Don’t believe anything you read up front.

Do your own research.

Uncle Joe & Happy Face Harris to Be Arrested -Election Report Coming – Cyber Attacks – Patriot Militia Ready – Intel for August 1st

By Gary Boyd      August 1st 2021

Intel for August 1st is saying blood tests for the vaccinated is showing blood red cells are damaged under a microscope from graphene oxide which is a poison. Do not know if it can be reconstituted or not. Trump scientist on it trying for a countermeasure to undo the effects of this horrible concoction. 87% of the people who were vaccinated with the Covid experimental vaccines have died! What does that tell you? It was all about the vax all along! The Delta variant is cause by being vaccinated with the experimental Covid vax.

Stand by for cyber-attacks when AZ election fraud report comes out from the State senate. GA & PA also ready to come forward with info on election fraud. Then 20 other states plan to join in with forensic audit. Streets will be filled with agitators dressed up as Trump supporters going up against the National Guard and military in the streets. The armed terrorists will join the fray attacking the police, guard and military. Counter measures by white hat military are already in the works.

Trump it was learned from mailonline is forming up his cabinet for a run in 2024. Oh really? That folks is a giant tell because if he is ready to come back soon he would want to get all his ducks in a row first wouldn’t he? The 2024 info is just a cover story. Plus there were 5,000 military spotted in DC at the White House, Capitol, ready to storm the federal buildings and arrest the black hats, secret service, and then old Uncle Joe & Harris who thinks she should be president. It is being reported 100 million American Patriot militia are locked and loaded, back packs at the ready for any type of invasion.

Macron president of France saw all his officials and secret service resign because he wanted them to take the killer vaccine. They are joining others in the street in protest to this foolishness. Macron also wants everyone to have a vaccine passport. All across Europe there were 175 protest events just this past weekend alone some violent against takin the jab.

Alliance military in process of coming forward with charges at the Hague with black hats in Italy, France, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada charged with acts of war against America. Illuminati involved along with Luciferians, Freemasons, Satanist at the Vatican and Skull & Bones Society. Some have already been tried and executed for crimes against humanity. Others have went into hiding; bounty hunters have been called in to catch the rats that snuck off down the hole.

Officials from Iraq were in DC this past week finishing deal for return of frozen funds. Funds were released back to Iraq that were frozen during the Iraq War and some will be development funds to help rebuild infrastructure of Iraqi cities. Also art, statues, etc. stolen by Sadam Hussein Army stowed in tunnels also being returned to the people in Iraq, reported to be worth millions. Iraq paid back 35 billion to Kuwait for the invasion that was one of the requirements for them to enter world trade again.

The flooding in China is the most it has been in 1,000 years. The three dams on the Yangtze River are down displacing millions downstream and 200,000 immediately around the dams. There is Major crop damage. Looks like famine will set in if China cannot come up with a plan to feed its people.

Big drops of declassified information coming on Sunday August Ist. Get your food, water, and weapons ready for any grid down cyber-attacks. As soon as election fraud shows Trump is the winner the deep state will throw all they can muster at we the people. EBS will be opened telling us all how it is and what the plan will be. So stand by when this happens. McAfee it is believed is still alive and he gave all the information he had on the deep state and the Congress to the Alliance to escape the death penalty.

CDC is funded by the Gates Foundation and the Soros Foundation, both of which have been executed. The CDC, WHO, corrupt media, and Soros Open Society are all run by the deep state Cabal and cannot be trusted. CNN owned by China and is a functioning arm of the DNC. None of what they tell you can be trusted.

There is only one you can trust, that is our Lord and savior Jesus Christ who fills us with his Holy Spirit.