Bill Gates Military Tribunal — Day 3

Symptoms, the email said, would not surface for years, and when they did, clueless clinicians would proscribe the illness to other ailments or to a condition called inexplicable organ failure, a prognosis used when physicians cannot accurately identify the cause of a terminal disease.  By the times symptoms presented, it would be too late. Gates wrote his “product” could defeat all treatments and remedies.

“you know I share your view that our planet is on dangerous road to overpopulation, and that ultimately a culling will be needed to preserve resources for people in a position to actually benefit society. Were it my choice, exclusively, I’d embrace your idea with open arms and move ahead with full steam. However, my colleagues and I feel it’s too soon, and the venture risks incriminating me and the company as a whole. We can continue these talks in the future, as mechanisms are made to prevent I, you, or the company from appearing culpable if the true cause of sickness were made public…”

Gates wrote back that his people had already done clinical trials on 250 persons using an accelerated variation of the drug, which had been introduced into influenza vaccinations. The email did not specify what segment of the population received the poison, but Gates wrote that all 250 people “expired” on the same day, six months after taking the drug.

27 U.S. Air Force Pilots Resign Over Covid-19 Vaccination Mandate

Top FDA Vaccine Officials RESIGN To Avoid Prosecution For Crimes Against Humanity!!

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Treasury Department: Social Security Will Face Cutbacks Sooner Than Expected…

The Treasury Department announced that Social Security will be depleted sooner than they anticipate.

The OASI Trust Fund will only be able to pay out 76% of benefits after 2033, just twelve years from now.

The DI fund will last a little bit longer, but it will be cutting benefits earlier than estimated.

Lawmakers had warned for years that these programs would run out of money eventually.

Note: (I’m guessing none of the TRILLIONS of dollars that went to fund ????? who knows what, can’t be used to help the people.)

New Texas Law Allows People To Carry Guns In Public Without A License…