Prison Doctor: Fauci Unvaxxed!

Analysis: Cases Exploding In Areas With High Levels Of Vaccination…


Part of the JFK line?


Did Biden Assault a 12 Year Old? Biden Underwent Brain Surgery?


Census Data, CDC Database Expose Unvaccinated

“It’s come to our attention your family has not been vaccinated. May we come in?” one health official said, according to Mr. Oliver.

New Stew Peters: Vaxx Bomb! Texas RN Reports Nurses, Doctor Dead After Jab!


New State Department data shows at least 37,000 Afghan refugees have been approved for resettlement in 46 states, according to Axios.

California and Texas are expected to receive the largest numbers of Afghan refugees, the outlet reported. California is projected to receive 5,255, while Texas expects 4,481.

Just four states were not included in the initial resettlement numbers. They included Hawaii, South Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Notably, Washington, D.C., was not listed as receiving any Afghan refugees.

Florida and Georgia are both expected to receive just over 1,000 Afghan refugees.

Mapped: Afghan refugees headed to 46 states


Los Angeles Teacher Caught With ‘F–k the Police,’ ‘F–k Amerikkka’ Propaganda Hanging In Classroom…


He got 81 million votes? …. Not thinking so.

No Supporters, Not Even Jill, Greet 81 Million Vote Getter Joe Biden as He Returns Home for Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Vacation

Joe Biden returned to the sound of silence to his home state of Delaware Friday for a long weekend at his Rehoboth Beach vacation home–no supporters, not even wife Dr. Jill, were there to greet him, according to videos taken of his arrival.

Video of Biden’s arrival to the North Shores community where his vacation house is located. No supporters or even lookie-loos are seen and only one lone half-hearted whoop is heard indicating at least one other person there beside the woman filming–not when Biden passed but when the last car went by.

Freemasonry The Darkness Behind The Light