“Major False Flags incoming say Intelligence Agency Whistleblowers. These events will make 9/11 look like nothing. Beware of what you eat, drink and consume.” …General McInerney

On 11 Sept. Trump called for 21 Days of Prayer, which takes us to Oct 2nd as in the Q Mickey Mouse Clock with its hands on 10 & 2.

Also on Sat. 18 Sept. the Cabal surrendered in no coincidence with of activation of Trump’s Executive Order 13959 Declaration of War against Big Corporations. Now going forward any False Flags by the Cabal and/or if the Mass Media failed to cover 2020 Election Fraud, Covid Vax hoax events, or not allow Durham to go forward, unobstructed, in his Fisagate indictments, which would include Obama, it would break the deal and immediately launch the Emergency Broadcast System and Martial Law worldwide.

On Fri. 24 Sept. 2020 Election Fraud exposed with release of Arizona Audit, while Georgia, Minn, Penn and other key states were looking at election fraud. President Trump on audits: “That train is moving along the track very rapidly.” The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case to reinstate Trump. https://t.me/Jeanine_Pirro_Official/153

Financial crises, banking halted as trucking, shipping, food shortages arise. You were advised to put away at least 2-3 weeks of cash, food and essential supplies.

BUSTED: George Soros Funds The Bush-Clinton-Obama Group Pushing For Afghan Migrants. The uni-party is comprised of Soros puppets.

Political Operatives Indicted For Alleged Crimes Committed During The 2016 Presidential Campaign

"Romanians demand the resignation of the government. A people who take charge of their destiny. Impressive."


COVID-19 UPDATE: Three States with Highest Vaccination Rate Lead the Country with Greatest Increase in COVID-19 Case Rates Last Week




US, Supreme Court has ruled that vaxxinated people world wide are products of the state and are no longer human. Due to mRNA DNA manipulation in the death jab.

Once you take the jab you are no longer human. You become trans-humans owned by the organisation who patents the genome.

mRNA manipulation is irreversible. Once it’s inside you. you’re done.

Please let people know that their rights are being violated under the Compassionate Use Act. If they get no action for requested medications to be used for your loved one with their doctors in the hospital, then they can fire their doctor and get another one. If no doctor in the hospital will work with them, then they need to stop wasting time and go directly to the Hospital Administration, the CEO, the Chief of Staff or whoever is the head person at that hospital. They need to be very sternly reminded that they are violating your rights under the Compassionate Use Act. They need to understand that if your loved one dies or you die because they refused your loved one or you access to medications under the Compassionate Use Act, they will be held liable and accountable and you will sue the pants off of the hospital. This worked for my sister. I was able to get my sister Budesonide as a nebulizer. I had tried working with the doctors for 3 days straight with no luck. I finally called the hospital administration and left them about 5 messages. I was finally able to reach someone and I informed them that I would in fact own their hospital if my sister died, because they were refusing her access to medication, and were in fact violating her rights under the Compassionate Use Act. This worked and they did agree to give her Budesonide as a nebulizer. Never give up and never give in. If you have to call 20 times a day, do so. Do not stop until you get results. Time is of the essence. My sister recovered and got well after receiving the Budesonide.  If you are still having trouble,  call Attorney Ralph Lorigo. He has been winning cases. His # is 716-824-7200.

Here is the science and patent that explains how the vaccines are being used to digitally tag each person and transmit location and physiological data about the person.



These people are sick.

 Getting ready for the ritual.