TOTAL DISRESPECT: Hundreds of Navy SEALS Told They Won’t Be Deployed If They Refuse Vaccine


In recent years, a number of news articles have announced that our sun is shrinking. Scientists have been examining records kept since 1750 at the British Royal Observatory. They have concluded that the sun appears to be shrinking at the rate of one-tenth of one percent per century.

If the sun is shrinking at this rate, it would have been twice as large as it is now only 100,000 years ago. And 20 million years ago, the surface of the sun would have touched the surface of the Earth! The dinosaurs, or more accurately their descendants, would have been cooked, to say the least. No life would have been possible on Earth! This obviously poses a huge problem for evolutionists.

Evolutionists wanted to escape the hot water created by too large a sun. So they suggested that perhaps the sun alternately shrinks and expands. There is evidence of a very small pulsation, but overall the shrinkage is undeniable, and at any rate of shrinkage, this places the maximum age of the Earth sustaining life at only thousands of years. Some evolutionists have now suggested that the earlier studies were wrong and the sun is not shrinking at all. The matter is still under study.

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