Threats neutralized. We don’t negotiate with terrorists. Link to Telegram.

The DeepState/Cabal are out of ammunitions. Their Nuke briefcases scattered around the world – we have them all and have been deactivated.

Those were their last ammunitions – they threatened to Nuke Planet Earth if we didn’t negotiate with them…

Hundreds of abducted children discovered during a random inspection by customs officers in a cargo plane that was on the way to Spain!

A cargo plane that took off from South Sudan was inspected by customs officers during a stopover in Niger !

The customs officers found several hundred screaming and crying children in the cargo plane!

Next stop of the airplane would have been Spain !

you can imagine what these children were intended for…

Romney …. a new member of the black eye club?


Any Republican who votes for this disastrous 3.5 trillion dollar bill, for any reason, is nothing more than an anti-American, communist Democrat who hates our country with a passion.


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Ian Smith
Manufactured crisis. This is a map of the cargo ships currently incoming and in holding pattern offshore. Your country is under attack from the inside.


Is firearms confiscation next on the Democrat list? Watch for a big false flag? I keep hearing that we are winning …. are we?


Study: COVID-19 Vaccines INCREASE Deaths and Hospitalizations from COVID-19 Based on Analysis of Most-Vaccinated Countries