Military Convicts Hunter Biden; Death Penalty!

The tribunal reached a swift decision, finding Hunter Biden guilty on all charges and recommending he receive the death sentence for his crimes. Rear Adm. Crandall agreed, and he scheduled Hunter’s hanging for October 15.

Gavin Newsom Wants White School Kids to Learn How To Sharecrop

Gavin Newsom (Governor of Calif. and related to Pelosi) has proposed to the State’s Department of Education a plan for radical “racial equality reform” that, if passed, would require students who are 50% or greater Caucasian to take classes on Sharecropping and earn lab credit through toiling in avocado fields.

Newsom pitched the concept to California’s Superintendent of Education, Tony Thurmond, only a day after holding a clandestine meeting with Kamala Harris, who endorsed the idea and said that she’d use the full power of her office to heighten awareness on racial inequality. Harris and Newsom agreed that the program was non-exploitive and would give participants a finer understanding of the “white privilege” they, their parents, and their forefathers have enjoyed for generations.

He suggested limiting fieldwork to 5th graders and above, although grades K-4 would incorporate “white privilege theory” into classroom curriculum.

“The earlier they learn, the better,” Newsom said of Thurmond’s recommendations.  “But maybe we should find a way that the younger children, if they want to, can do lab/field work picking avocados too. We don’t want them to feel left out. We could have the parents sign a release form, a waiver, or get a doctor’s note saying the children, regardless of being small or young, are fit to do the work.”

Multi-Coloured Lifeform With Three Legs And One Head Discovered In Vaxx Sample… Shocking Theory: It Is Now Inside Many Vaxxed Humans And It Wants To Live And Multiply!!

Well… this is very very interesting… I wonder what the thing is supposed to do… but it is likely to colonize.  Folks… we could be looking at extraterrestrial DNA… we don’t know yet!