BOMBSHELL Deaths Skyrocketed by 300% After COVID Vaccine – Funeral Director Blows The Whistle

Colin Powell Arrested, Death Faked? Deep State Secrets Revealed October 2021


imageCannibalism: A "Business Plan" Being Taught To Kids In Georgia Schools

This is a DEEPLY disturbing episode and is NOT suitable for young minds. However, as parents and Warriors protecting our children, we MUST know what is going on around us. This particular incident is going on in the State of Georgia in Bryan County. The schools are assigning children to create a business plan to eat human babies a la Jeffrey Dahmer.



The Queen’s Court has long been packed with elite who have a colonial mindset. They lost India but Australia and Canada are still under the Commonwealth thumb. The lockdowns in Australia were a test and are considered a success. They have now spread to Canada.

Bombshell: Official Government Docs Comparison Suggests "Fully Vaccinated" Are Developing AIDS – The Washington Standard

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Herd Immunity for the Covid flu and its variants has become established. Sweden, Norway, and Denmark have lifted restrictions. Ivermectin has allowed most of the Uttar Pradesh province in India to become Covid free. Meanwhile the statistics on death and injury from the vaccinations hastily produced to counter Covid show that the vaccinated have a higher mortality and injury rate than those affected by the virus. Increasingly, the vaccinations are being questioned and outlawed. There is a palpable pushback against mandatory vaccination rules and lockdowns because the public is in revolt and is protesting.

Covid Cases Are Highest In Town Where 99.7% Are Vaccinated. Working As Planned It Would Seem.