Burgers contain rat and human DNA, study finds
A study of 258 burgers in the US finds unexpected additional – and lack of – ingredients

Upon ordering a burger in a fast food chain, diners might have already come to terms with the fact there is a very slim chance of horse meat lurking under that tomato.

But the additions of rat and human DNA could be harder to swallow.

A new study from US-based food testing company Clear Labs has discovered, from a sample of 258 burgers, two cases of meat in vegetarian products, three burgers with rat DNA and one case of human DNA.

Of larger concern than the “unpleasant” DNA findings was that almost a quarter of vegetarian burgers have different ingredients to those on the label. Two veggie burgers contained beef, and one black bean burger contained no black beans.

EATING BABIES? Georgia School Has Teens ‘Solve’ Hunger With Cannibalism

A government school in Georgia has been exposed forcing high-school students to develop a business plan for a company that would tackle world hunger by making babies into food, sparking outrage across the state and beyond.

Changes in the earth that may affect us:

The folding of the Pacific plates that accompany the sinking of Indonesia during the 7 of 10 scenarios involves, as we have explained, the Mariana and Philippine plates tilting and flattening westward. The Mariana Trench collapses, tilting the Mariana Plate and pushing it under the Mariana Islands, and the Philippine Plate tilts and pushes under the Philippine Islands. Nancy has explained this as a deck of cards, scattered on a table top, being pulled together into a deck. The plates are folded against one another.
The USS Connecticut accident happened on October 2 but was not reported in the media until October 7. The location of the accident was not disclosed until a day later, on October 8. This was to give the USS Connecticut time to limp back to a Naval Station in Guam. Per the Zetas, the incipient cause of this accident was the continual folding of both the Philippine and Mariana Pates, which have miles to go before completing. Meanwhile, watch out for those bouncing rocks on the S China Seabed.

Attack Submarine USS Connecticut Suffers Underwater Collision in South China Sea
October 7, 2021
The Seawolf-class nuclear attack submarine USS Connecticut (SSN-22) suffered an underwater collision while operating in international waters on Oct. 2 and is returning to port in U.S. The attack boat is now headed to Guam and is expected to pull in within the next day, the official said. The underwater strike occurred in the South China Sea and the attack boat has been making its way to Guam on the surface.

A US Navy Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarine was Damaged after Striking an Object in an Underwater Collision

October 7, 2021
A US Navy nuclear-powered fast-attack submarine was involved in an underwater collision with an object earlier this month. PACFLEET declined to say what the submarine collided with during the incident. The topography of the area did not indicate the presence of a land mass in the submarine’s path.

Increased Intelligence

“It’s smart to take vitamin C, and it may make you even smarter,” states best-selling author Jean Carper in <Your Miracle Brain.

Vitamin C supplements can improve IQ, memory and other mental functions.

Students with the highest blood levels of vitamin C did better on memory tests, but higher amounts of vitamin C can boost brain function at all ages.

Reduced Risk of Brain Degeneration

Vitamin C protects against age-related brain degeneration, including dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and strokes.

To take full advantage of Vitamin C’s benefits, 2,000 mg is the recommended daily dosage.

We have described the New Madrid Adjustment as a fracturing of the N American Continent such that the land to the East of the Mississippi moves up while the land to the West of the Mississippi moves down into the Southwest. Thus, the diagonal rip. This separation is caused by the SE Portion of the US remaining in place in its attachments to Africa and Caribbean Plates, while the Mainland Portion slides toward the SW. By this slide toward the SW, the Mainland Portion is relaxing the extreme bowing tension that has been imposed on the N American Plate. This slide is not without trauma, as can be seen by the number of inland quakes that the SW United States is enduring. The Mainland Portion changes shape to some degree during this relaxing of the bow, just as it changed shape when the bow was imposed.

At the present time, the western half of the US is peppered with earthquakes, from Oklahoma to Texas. The bow is relaxing, and just as a tightening bow is stressful, a relaxing bow is just as stressful. Per the Zetas, when a pipeline laid in the San Pedro Bay leaked, it was due to this relaxing bow. And on October 10 further evidence of a relaxing bow occurred in the northern Pacific quadrant when both Hawaii and Alaska had major quakes, setting off buoys in the Pacific.

Pfizer Tops All Other COVID Shots For Number Of Deaths In Latest VAERS Report

According to the latest report from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), Pfizer tops the list of COVID shots in which deaths have been reported out of the three manufacturers experimenting on the People in violation of the Nuremberg Code.

According to OpenVAERS, there are 1,648,911 reports of vaccine adverse events in VAERS.

Of those, there have been 17,128 COVID shot deaths reported in a total of 26,182 total reported deaths.

Additionally, there were 83,412 total COVID shot hospitalizations reported and that is out of a total number of 161,568 total reported hospitalizations.

Keep in mind that the VAERS report acknowledges, “It is a voluntary reporting system that has been estimated to account for only 1% (see the Lazarus Report) of vaccine injuries. OpenVAERS is built from the HHS data available for download at vaers.hhs.gov.”

This means the numbers could be up to 100 times more than what has been reported, which is a devastating number.

So…What Exactly Is FEMA Going to do With 2500 Gallons of Hydrogen Cyanide and “Smart” Guillotines Placed In Internment Camps?