Reminder: We now know that Black Cumin or Black Seed Oil may be used as an Ivermectin alternative to treat or prevent Covid symptoms. I just happen to have a bottle in my cupboard which I use for salad. Nigella Sativa. See more at the

Front Line Doctors website.

The top 11 states with the lowest unemployment rates are all run by Republican governors The top 8 states with the highest unemployment rates are all run by Democrat governors

Democrat’s on their huge political loses this week …

We lost because we’re not woke enough – and everyone is a white supremacists.

please keep this strategy.

I am mystified by how these southern states have such low rates of Covid when many of their governors haven’t followed cdc guidance. Someone please explain this to me.


You just answered your own question.

The most incredible chess match in history is set up for the final countdown. Places everyone.

Arrests are ongoing as we drain that swamp. We understand "Durham" has multiple meanings and has come up several times in the Q drops, including to reveal that former military attorney Sidney Powell was born in Durham, NC. Is she part of this? She just may be.


And that arrest is a message to those who are fueling a movement to stop waiting and begin taking justice into their own hands. The natives are restless and I’ve seen a pointed effort online to get people riled up and convinced that The Plan is taking too long and nothing is happening and it needs to go faster.

Since when do we just pick a date and decide a war needs to end according to the calendar? This is the biggest, baddest war in Human history and people are acting like they’re tired of watching a serial documentary and want to get to the climax that ends the season’s viewing.

I’ve been watching these crimes for well over ten years and after extensive research into the White Hats, the Plan, the Q Military Intelligence, Sig-Int, the comms, the Anons, our severed spirituality, fake reality, our friends upstairs, the ruthless nature of the predators and the whole ball of wax, I am STILL in favour of sitting tight and allowing the brilliant minds who crafted this Plan designed to end the evil in this realm and beyond, forever, to bring it to fruition. The frustration factor is off the charts and STILL I am satisfied that we are doing what we are intended to do; that we are playing the roles we signed up to play.

Has there not been enough blatant warfare, bloodshed, pain and suffering? The Plan has been considered, re-considered, tweaked, reviewed using technology known as "Looking Glass", double-checked by time travellers, corrected via manipulation of negative timelines, and scrutinized using the counsel of extra-dimensional elders and wise ones we didn’t know exist.

It’s obvious there is more offensive action than ever before and that justice is being done so why on Earth would we choose now to abort or interfere in The Plan? It makes no sense. We’ve watched the enemy expend their ammunition and their resources are exhausted.

This is a war, and there is suffering. There has always been a war and always suffering. Thousands of years of suffering. Now we are just realizing it.

We’re all suffering in our own ways either directly or indirectly. It’s painful to endure this long process but I can say from years of following the progression of this war that we are light years ahead of where we were a decade ago when almost nothing was happening in the public eye to illustrate it was being addressed.

As some have pointed out, the impatient children can stomp their feet and scream all they like, but the Earth Alliance will not stray from their plan because to do so could open a crack for some infinitesimal possibility for failure that was not foreseen in their painstaking review of every possibility, every scenario that could unfold.

As we’ve been told, The Plan is not hinged on a time table, but an event schedule. Dominoes. Until one falls, the adjacent one will remain standing but the progression is guaranteed—in slow motion, of course.

Lest we forget the American people still have their guns. LOTS of guns, and a civil war would not end well. That was the whole point of the Q Military Intelligence Operation to educate the populace they could reach. They already knew it would be successful. The Great Awakening. The Military: Saviors of Mankind. "The Military is the only way". These aren’t just trite phrases.

There has never been a public sharing of intelligence like this before. It IS the only way. Are we going to throw away five years on a whim because some people are impatient? Have itchy trigger fingers? Think they can do better? I would hate to see it come to that.

We joke about pitchforks and torches but seriously—that would be stooping to their level and they are far better armed to fight that kind of war than we are. We had to gain significant numbers of aware people for the side of the Light to peacefully win this war—WAR being the key word. In a war, there are casualties. The casualties have been mitigated as much as possible. Let’s not add to them.

There are myriad ways this could have gone. Many of them would involve high loss of life—far greater than what we’re seeing. If it’s this difficult to convince people they’re being deceived with all the evidence in their face every day, how do you think they would respond had the White Hats openly and immediately arrested Obama, Hillary, etc. in a blatant coup? It would have been bloody because the cabal infiltrated everything, everywhere. Spies. Lies. Coverups. Betrayals. Not a good plan.

Some very wise and brave people have done as much as possible behind the scenes, covertly, so as not to upset the public who have no clue what is going on, or to aggravate the situation with the ruthless psychopaths who would sooner order an execution than look at us.

Failure is not an option and we will just have to sit tight and allow them to execute their meticulous plan for the best and highest good of all concerned—including Beings and places we are unaware of from this vantage point with limited awareness. We’re nearly at a breakthrough so we need to make the best of it, knowing that the prize will be well worth the wait.

It feels ungrateful to me to criticize those who have sacrificed so much for so long to liberate us, and they have done far more than we even know.

Until war and military aggression ends, there will be no NESARA/GESARA which so many are clamouring for. We must have peace, unity, and commitment to a new and better way or we have not shown we are ready to move forward. We have to Make Earth Great Again in its totality, not pockets and slivers. The world is watching what is happening in America and North America and we need to play our roles with pride and humility.

What we can safely do is address the problems at the local level and that is going swimmingly.

Change of topic:

In lieu of the tremendous success of the "Let’s Go Brandon" slogan, and after seeing mention of the usual November "Black Friday" shopping nightmare at the American Thanksgiving, it occurred to me that sane Americans should adopt a new initiative, namely:


End the insanity around this day programmed into public minds to generate a feeding frenzy that has literally erupted in violence as the zombie nation tramples other shoppers to get limited access to pieces of tech they believe they just have to have because they will never get a better price. Most of it’s "cheap shit from China" and listens and watches while you go about your private business in your home.

The Black Friday event is so uncivilized and indicative of the programming of the unsuspecting. That day is not for us, it’s for them. The New World Order.

We may be "useless eaters" to the global control freaks but they had no problem monetizing us and turning us into the consumers that would fill their pockets to bulging and fund their opulent, decadent lifestyles while too many of us peasants go without food and shelter—and now jobs.

They don’t share. They pretend to share by establishing "foundations" used to launder money for them and their cronies. A negligible fraction might go to the serfdom.

Suggestion: Stay home on Black Friday. Boycott Black Friday. It’s one more way to end the support of the system that enslaves us. Don’t feed the animals. Starve the beast. Just consider it.

Draining the swamp means exposing the most vile, disgusting, evil creatures imaginable.

I would also add that if one subscribes to this logic, then aborting The Plan now would probably be the undoing of five years work to awaken Humanity, and the end of our chances at liberation and ascension. I believe we must see this play out to the end, regardless of how painful it is. The pain is transformational, and that is why Q warned us it was coming. At first we thought it meant pain for the enemy, but before long we realized there was plenty of pain to go around within the awakened community.

If anyone figures out how to squeeze another 12 hours out of the clock, do let me know.