Chelsea Clinton Hanged at GITMO

The false bravado Chelsea Clinton displayed at the conclusion of her military tribunal quickly evaporated when she learned the Office of Military Commissions intended to hang her, as it had her mother, for crimes committed against the nation and children of the world.

For nine days JAG’s brightest legal minds pondered Clinton’s fate, ultimately concluding that Chelsea Clinton would indeed be hanged. “Chelsea Clinton’s crimes, on which she has been convicted, and wanton disregard for child safety and welfare leave us no choice but to support a death penalty. Her lack of remorse at her tribunal leads us to believe that lifelong imprisonment will not benefit her,” they wrote in a memorandum.

And on the morning of November 6, Chelsea Clinton’s neck snapped, ending over 30 years of Clinton carnage.

RRN did not feel it necessary to spell out the details of the actual hanging as they were remarkably like those of other Deep State agents who lives ended at the gallows.

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Over 80 pictures from inside DUMBS that you probably have not seen… and this is just a really tiny sample of what has been discovered, some of which are as deep as 5 miles down.

USA TODAY asked 1,000 registered voters to “name the single thing that was most important for Biden to do in the next year.” “Resign/retire/quit” was the top response.

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