imageCIVIL WARFARE: Piles of Bricks Randomly Start Appearing Around Kenosha

When cities burn because an innocent boy is acquitted – and the regime in power supports and sanctions it – you don’t have a country.

Make no mistake – this is not spontaneous rage. This is planned, paid for warfare.

Just Days After Bill Gates Warned Of A Coming Smallpox Bioterror Attack, 15 Vials Labeled ‘Smallpox’ Are Found In Research Lab In Pennsylvania

A scenario ripe for a zombie-horror movie has just happened. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed Tuesday that vials labeled ‘smallpox’—an extremely deadly virus that was eradicated in the 1970s—were found at a vaccine research facility in Pennsylvania.

Just days after Bill Gates in an interview said that the next thing we need to prepare for is a smallpox bioterror attack, vials of…wait for it…smallpox dried vaccine were randomly ‘discovered’ in a research lab in Pennsylvania. What an amazing coincidence, wouldn’t you say? Don’t kid me, man, go kid your grandma.

Federal Investigation Launches From Vials Labelled ‘Smallpox’ Found At Merck!

Why is anyone even giving Bill Gates a microphone on anything medical. STOP LISTENING to him he’s not a doctor.

I know, right? Just because he was killing kids in Africa with vaccines doesn’t make him an expert on anything medical except killing people. I am baffled by it.

Small pox’s, Ebola I’m sure they have a line up of plagues for us


Would the Real Gavin Newsom Please Stand Up

Photo comparison from before the jab…and after.

They say he took the 2nd jab and went into a coma and woke up in GITMO?

If that story is true…they would need to replace him for now so these photos then make sense.

The hairline is different. The nose too. And this new replacement just showed up the other day (after he was missing a few days?) and now this version looks like he had a stroke as the left side of his face is sagging.

Look at the mouth and eye & brow. The hair has less grey in it.

The real Gavin has a vampire looking widow’s peak forehead.

The new version does not. It goes straight across. You be the judge.



Here I have a shot comparison of Hillary to show you so you can see the pattern. This goes back at least 4 years or longer. Clearly there is about a 6" difference.