Trickle up poverty must be working really well:

Obama presidency ‘dead last’ in economic recovery

Religion of Peace strikes again:

Jailed Christian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani is approaching his 1,000th day in an IranianNadarkhani jail – where he faces additional charges and possible execution – all because he refused to allow his children to be taught Islam.

Arrested in 2009, Iranian pastor Nadarkhani remains on death row and fighting a battle for his life. Middle East Concern is now reporting that he will face new charges in September.

The government of Iran has executed 249 people in 2011, and in 2010, the government of Iran executed more than 300 people.

The unemployment rate was unchanged at 8.2% in June The household survey showed a another increase in employment (128,000 jobs added), and since the participation rate was unchanged at 63.8%, that was just enough to keep with the increase in the labor force…

This graph shows the job losses from the start of the employment recession, in percentage terms – this time aligned at maximum job losses.
U-6, an alternate [Ed: and superior] measure of labor underutilization that includes part time workers and marginally attached workers, increased slightly to 14.9%

In short, the real unemployment rate remains at the horrific level of 15 percent.
And the “recovery” (if you believe that’s what we’re experiencing) is the worst for job growth in modern American history.
Other low-lights of the jobs report (or, as I like to call it, the no-jobs report):
Disability claims outpace new job creation since Obama took office
The unemployment rate for blacks increased to 14.4 percent
Hispanic unemployment is unchanged at 11 percent
And for something like 40 months in a row, the Obama White House has used virtually the same quote on its website (“it is important not to read too much into any one monthly report”) over and over and over again. Because they care.

Lazy Occupiers Beg Salvation Army for Socks Bound for the Needy

This is pretty despicable. The miserable idiots at Occupy Wall Street have shown themselves to be selfish and self-centered, but demanding that the Salvation Army bring them socks when those are clearly intended for the truly needy?

Factual News Net@FactualNewsNet

@SalArmyPhilly You helped the Philly police with lunches. now please help the people. #99MileMarch needs clean socks. please help 🙂

While Obama Complains About Outsourcing, Government Motors Opens Plant in Uzbekistan

And Secretary of State Hillary Clinton goes there to brag about it.

In an apparent effort to soothe concerns that the United States will abandon Central Asian as soon as its engagements in Afghanistan are wound down, investments enthusiastically backed by Washington are trickling in.

General Motors stepped up its local presence in November by opening a new engine plant. The GM Uzbekistan joint venture, in which the U.S. company controls a 25 percent stake, provides work for around 6,600 people and turns out 200,000 Chevrolet passenger vehicles annually.