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Broadening his attack on Mitt Romney, capitalism, success, prosperity, and America in general, Barack Obama spoke to supporters (who were clearly way more important than the NAACP) last Friday and made the stunning declaration: “If you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that. Somebody 
else made that happen.”

Oh sure, you might have been the one with the original idea. You might have invested your own money. You might have done all the work yourself. But when you’re finally presiding over an actual business…you didn’t build it. And you damn sure shouldn’t be allowed to keep the profits.

To help illustrate this point for his supporters, the president then related the story of “The Greedy Little Capitalist Hen,” in which a chicken plants a grain, waters the grain, tends the grain, harvests the grain, mills the grain, then makes it into bread with no help from the other lazy farm animals.

When they smell the delicious fresh-baked bread, they want to eat it – but the greedy capitalist hen says, “No. None of you did any of the work!” 

So the angry animals elect a leader who points out that the greedy capitalist hen didn’t create the grain, or the soil, or the water by herself – and then says the lazy animals should not only get the bread, they should use it to make chicken sandwiches. And they all eat happily ever after!

Well, they ate happily ever after until they ran out of chicken sandwiches and starved to death. But the president skipped that part of the story.

Despite the fact that this is clearly a fairy tale, the president’s supporters are eating it up just like the lazy farm animals they are. And it’s even possible that Barack Obama himself believes that neither bread nor businesses can be created by the hard work of just one person.

Though oddly enough, it’s exactly the way he claims to have killed Osama bin Laden.

The moral of the story: Get the chicken to pay for your healthcare
BEFORE you kill her and eat her bread.