What the hell? $285 million in tax payer stimulus dollars went to Guam?

White Baby Threatens To Kill Black Panthers

In a shocking rebuke to New Black Panther Party Chief of Staff Michelle William’s threat to firebomb nurseries full of white babies, one outspoken infant is threatening to push back.

“This fat, ignorant, racist b*tch and her retarded flunkies would have to take a three week course just to learn how to construct a Molotov cocktail, let alone figure out how to use it,” said newborn Binky Stoudemeyer. “There’s plenty of white babies like myself who imagewouldn’t mind capping some New Black Panthers, or should I say ‘New Black P*ssies?’ Word.”

Williams said her group will “do whatever we got to do” to defend themselves against the “gangs of cracker babies.”



Ohio newborn Binky Stoudemeyer