On Wednesday night, heartland-favorite Paul Ryan delivered a speech that was truthful, powerful, inspiring, patriotic, and eloquent – and the mainstream media immediately pounced on him and proclaimed him to be the biggest liar since Baron Munchausen and the bloodthirstiest killer since Vlad the Impaler.

(At the time of this writing, Romney hasn’t given his speech yet – but you can bet he’s in for the same treatment.)

In actuality, Ryan’s speech was entirely accurate from top to bottom and it is the so-called “fact checkers” who are engaged in lies and misrepresentations. And how bad did it get? The ever-rabid Chris Matthews of MSNBC told the world that Ryan’s speech was a call for the return of black slavery.

No, really.

Because Ryan said that we need to “restore” America, and according to Matthews’ single sputtering neuron, “to a lot of Americans, if you get back to where we were, there were slaves. If we got back to where we were, women weren’t voting.” Moreover, Ryan dared to mention those appalling bastards called “the founding fathers,” which Matthews also interprets as nostalgia for slavery.

So if the seemingly inspirational words of conservatism are, when deconstructed by the Left, so disgusting – what soaring rhetoric is Barack Obama offering to inspire Americans?

He says his reelection will be the “popping of the blister” of Republican uncooperativeness, and that in a second term he will increasingly “work around Congress” to get things done “without legislation.” In other words, he finds gross medical metaphors charming but the Constitution sickening.

And in the same interview, he claims that Americans (sheep-like, stupid Americans) don’t realize how wonderful the stimulus and auto bailout plans were because he didn’t spend enough time selling them – what with being preoccupied with fixing the economy and getting in over one hundred rounds of golf.

But if his programs had been successful, wouldn’t we all know that without “being sold?” Wouldn’t we be able to look around and see that success and a growing economy, instead of the dismal fiscal reality which we do clearly see… and which Paul Ryan so bravely and eloquently described?

Frankly, we don’t think our nation’s woes are going to be helped in the least by Barack Obama popping any blisters.

But on the other side of election day, we think it’s worth considering how to lance the boil of mainstream media lies and propaganda.