What a week it’s been for the Democratic Convention. The “War on Women” party staged a salute to Teddy “Ladykiller” Kennedy, then put a serial abuser of women (and likely rapist) named Bill Clinton onstage. So delightfully wonderful was Clinton’s speech that a rhapsodic Chris Matthews gushed that if the former president were somehow transported to Mars (we like the idea so far…) that he’d know how to have sex with the Martians.
And no, we don’t know what that means either, other than that Chris is off his meds again.

Meanwhile on Earth, the media picked up on the story that the Democrats had removed Godand Jerusalem from their party platform, and panicked Democratic leaders quickly called a voice vote of delegates to put them back in. Unfortunately, the delegates angrily shouted down the “God” proposal three times before a teleprompter told the convention chairman to just declare the motion passed, quite possibly making this the first official vote fraud of election season.

Hilariously, Barack Obama’s (ahem) “historic” acceptance speech had to be moved from a giant outdoor stadium to a much smaller indoor venue. Everyone with a double-digit IQ knows that the Democrats were unable to fill the stadium – even with free tickets, free bus rides, free hotel rooms, and (for all we know) the promise of free sex with Martians.

But to save face, the Dems declared that they’d moved the event because of the extremely dangerous possibility of lightning strikes (and less that 50% chance of rain) at the stadium. Showing, perhaps, that a few of them believe in God after all.

But now the conventions are done and the battle is officially on – and Hope n’ Change couldn’t be happier about that. Let’s roll.


Friday Bonus Material: Here’s some mischief I posted on Facebook this week. First up, my little tip of the hat to the “empty chair” meme which has driven the liberals crazy…

Meanwhile, this cartoon got me labeled a racist for the umpteenth time – perhaps for suggesting that Barack Obama’s father was black…

And finally, during the Democratic Convention, our national debt hit $16 trillion (making me think we should officially change the number “trillion” to “Obillion”), a number so high and unpayable that even Tennessee Ernie Ford is singing the blues…