• The Ambassador to Libya was assassinated on September 11th, along with three other Americans, during a 7-hour running gun-battle

• Iranian fighter jets attempted to shoot down a U.S. aircraft over international waters

• The President’s most trusted adviser was sent to Iran to secretly beg the Iranians to come to some kind of an accommodation regarding their nuclear program

• The CIA director provided false testimony under oath to Congress about the nature of the attacks that killed the U.S. Ambassador

• The CIA director was schtupping his biographer and could have been blackmailed by the White House to lie under oath

• For the first time in decades, a Russian nuclear attack submarine skirted the East Coast of the U.S.

• And the White House appears to have been operating a secret rendition prison in Benghazi, in direct violation of the President’s own orders

Oh. And one other facet to these items: the background or existence of each of these incidents was carefully and purposefullly hidden from the public until after the election.