Big Supreme Court Surprise !!!
Roberts reads the news. He is reading how an estimated 1 MILLION jobs will be lost in 2013 when Obamacare goes into effect.
He is reading how low income employees are right now being laid off and their hours cut back because Obama was re-elected. Roberts realizes that the Republicans no longer can repeal it.
It is my opinion that Roberts IMMEDIATELY moved up the case so that it can be heard and voted upon before January 1st. Chief Justice Roberts has control over when cases are heard. It is my opinion that Roberts and the other 4 Conservative Justices are going to deal a death blow to Obamacare so that the new Congress can get a new fresh start to reform Healthcare in a manner that will provide stability to business so that so many jobs are NOT lost, which if they were lost would cause the economy to dive into a deeper recession.
It is also my opinion that Roberts sees what Obama has done after the election – – – and he wants to send Obama a message that will help the American economy and STOP Obama from controlling Healthcare. There is also the probability that Roberts has read the 43 TRILLION Dollar lawsuit because it involves White House Banksters and THOUSANDS of Co-conspirators. It is a real beauty and is the largest lawsuit in history.