Health info collected to “protect the President”

Thousands of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes to be Released in Florida…

HORROR: British woman ‘gang raped’ by 3 men in Dubai prosecuted for drinking without a license…

UPDATE: Cat parasite uses ‘Trojan horse’ to infect human brain, cause suicidal thoughts…

Woman Killed Boyfriend After She ‘Smelled Sex’ On Him…

GRIM MILESTONE: Welfare Spending Per Household Surpasses the Median American’s Income

Obama Quietly Handing Over Billions of Dollars to the UN in the Name of Global Warming

Disabled America: 5.4 Million Join Social Security Disability Insurance Rolls Under Obama

Not News: Food Stamp Participation Jumped by Over 600,000 in September

Terrorism in Arizona

Derelict Detroit demanding `bailout-for-votes’ from Obama `stash’


A video for you from the “Religion of Peace”