John Kerry Nominated For Secretary Of State

President Barack Obama nominated Sen. John Kerry (Retard-Mass) Friday to be his next secretary of state.

“He is not going to need a lot of on-the-job training,” Obama quipped, standing alongside Kerry at the White House. “He’s proven over the years that he’s just shy of being a full-fledged commie – he’s a perfect fit for this administration.” The White House later confirmed that the comment was meant as humor.

The 69-year-old Kerry is expected to be easily confirmed by his Senate colleagues, although the President and fellow Democrats’ first choice had reportedly been Jane Fonda.


John KerrySen. John Kerry (file photo)

OBAMA FUN FACT: For every ONE JOB created under the OBAMA administration, 75 people went on FOOD STAMPS!!

We Need Gun Control NOW

HEADHUNTER NEWS EDITORIAL – Despite my long-held conservative beliefs, incidents in the last few days no longer allow me to be silent about the subject of firearms. Pretending guns are not to blame for gun violence is the same as saying rocks aren’t responsible for stoning injuries – both can kill, both want to kill.

This reality vividly hit home with me several nights ago. While watching television I thought I saw something skitter across the floor down the hallway. When a search of the area turned up nothing, I decided to turn in and go to bed. What happened next changed my thinking about guns forever.

Imagine my horror as I pulled back the covers of my bed, only to be staring down the barrel of my loaded Berreta 92FS INOX 9 mm pistol. I ducked as a shot rang out, and as I bolted at least two more rounds impacted the wall beside me. I heard the gun hit the floor and knew it was right behind me as I ran for the door to the garage.

Suddenly, a deafening blast from the kitchen sent me reeling into the living room. My Mossberg 500 tactical shotgun had situated itself next to the toaster, obviously intending to kill me if I tried to escape into the garage. Only poor visibility prevented it from taking off my head.

By the grace of God I was able to flee out the front door with my life. A police investigation showed that for reasons unknown a small but determined group of my guns had conspired to kill me. Most were found hiding around my home, but my Sig Sauer P229 and Walther PK380 stole my car and were later apprehended in Macon, Georgia after robbing a convenience store.

Guns are dangerous, cunning, conniving, deadly. We must control them and we need to act now. Next time you may be their target, and you may not be so lucky.

imageWhen good guns go bad – a lesson learned 

Since Obama has devoted more time to the needs of Muslims than African Americans since becoming President the NAACP has showed it’s displeasure by petitioning The Smithsonian Institute to change the scientific name of the Africanized bees to Islamitized bees. They feel this would better reflect the nature of killer bees because you’ll notice that,  ‘if you make one bee mad, the whole tribe goes beserk’.