Had the following comments been made on a fringe corner of the internet most would dismiss them as outright conjecture. However, what you are about to read comes from one of the world’s foremost philanthropists, Jim Garrow, who hasspent tens of millions of dollars of his own money to help over 35,000 Chinese baby girls from near certain death under China’s one-child-per-couple policy.

He was one of the 206 nominees for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, which was ultimately awarded to President Barack Obama.

Obama to Top Brass: Will you fire on American Citizens?


This is truly an OMG video and it confirms the great fear that I have been talking about for some time. It pertains to both a flag officer litmus test and the purging of our military’s most senior ranks to make possible the forced disarming of America. This would include the firing on, and if need be, the killing of fellow Americans to achieve this objective.

Obama to Top Brass: Will you fire on American Citizens 


1 day ago – Obama is pressing our military to agree to fire upon Americans who refuse to give up their arms.

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Posted on 1/25/2013 12:11:40 PM by seekthetruth

The Obama administration is openly escalating its campaign against private gun ownership, and shaking up the top ranks of the military command structure — but is it also preparing to make war on the American population? According to a person identified as a former senior military official, the answer to that shocking question is yes.

“Consider the following statement: I would fire on U.S. citizens who refuse or resist confiscation of firearms banned by the U.S. government?”

U.S. Armed Forces Survey: This is the questionnaire that was given in 1994 to select groups of U.S. armed forces personnel. Notice the references to the U.N., the firing on American civilians and the correlations of the two aforementioned. Note questions 8‑17 deal with the use of U.S. federal armed forces intervening in the civilian affairs of the U.S. public under the pretense of policemen. According to the U.S. Constitution (posse comitatus law) No federal forces are to be used in the civil control of the populace. Also note question 46 for a stunning question concerning the use of federal forces.

If your commanding officer orders you to break your vows to protect and defend America from enemies foreign and domestic and begin firing upon Americans defending their 2nd Amendment right it is YOUR DUTY to arrest that officer and keep your OATHS

I absolutely believe that the current regime in Washington is planning on using our own military against us, and I suspect that aim is part of Obama’s insistence on pulling as many troops as possible out of the places they have been deployed and bringing them home. While it’s a good thing to see any American troops returning safely, it certainly raises eyebrows that our combat veterans, troops who are trained and accustomed to fighting insurgencies, are being gathered back in the States at a time when the White House is busily consolidating its power and when so many citizens are voicing their opposition to this power grab by the chosen dictator of the United States.

David Greybeard