We have now “celebrated” the 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, after an estimated 53 million babies have been killed under its auspices in America.

Military Drills and Black Helicopters in U.S. Cities Spark Panic

Military Drills and Black Helicopters in U.S. Cities Spark PanicA series of recent military exercises in major cities including Miami and Houston have alarmed residents and even local officials, many of whom were reportedly unaware that the drills would be taking place in their jurisdictions. The Obama administration’s controversial “urban-warfare” scenarios included low-flying black helicopters firing blanks out of machine guns, heavily armed troops rappelling onto buildings, and more. 

More than a few commentators have expressed concerns about the true purpose of the training exercises — especially in light of troubling
anti-constitutional political developments in Washington, D.C., and the increasingly unstable economy. However, authorities assured media outlets that there was no cause for alarm and that the drills were just “routine” operations to keep Americans forces ready for urban warfare.

Obamacare to soon cost the average American family $20,000 a year, announces IRS

Under Obamacare, American families are forced to buy conventional health insurance that primarily benefits the pharmaceutical industry. By 2016 — just three years from now — the cheapest health insurance plan available will cost a typical American family $20,000 a year, the IRS has now announced.

Here’s the news: The IRS just published descriptions of the financial penalties American taxpayers will pay if they fail to purchase the rip-off health insurance mandated under Obamacare.

“The examples point to families of four and families of five, both of which the IRS expects in its assumptions to pay a minimum of $20,000 per year for a bronze plan,” reports 
CNS News.

It goes on to report, “The IRS’s assumption that the cheapest plan for family will cost $20,000 per year is found in examples the IRS gives to help people understand how to calculate the penalty they will need to pay the government if they do not buy a mandated health plan.”

For the record, we repeatedly warned people about the Obamacare scam, describing how it was a forced taxpayer handout to Big Pharma and the dangerous sick-care industry which kills 783,000 Americans a year.