Top Islamic Cleric says sex with a ONE DAY OLD GIRL is OK! No Problem! She’s a wife!

This is 21st century islam… a top islamic scholar praising and making excuses for having sex with one day old infant girls.

From Anatolia onwards, into Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, every truck driver has ‘his’ boy. These boys grow up to be truck drivers who then… have little boys. Around most mosques you find madrassas, where children are being indoctrinated with the poison of Islam. Many of these kids are the sex toys of the imams.

Islam was Born Out of Child Abuse and Rape (here, fearless Hamas fighters “marry” 500 little girls, many dressed up like whores for their big day. And no, they are not “flower girls”)


Verse 65.4 of quran allows sex with an underage girl. The top Islamic authority of Islam Imam Khomeini lived his life according to quran and Prophet Mohammad’s example.  Prophet Mohammad had sex with underage girls, so did Imam Khomeini. But don’t take my word for it: here Islamic clerics discuss the child abuse of the late imam Khomeini, documented by his bodyguard, who slept in the next room while the Ayatollah raped a 4-year old child:

Ayatollah Khomenei Raping a 4 year old girl – with parental consent?

Islam prohibits adopting children. Period.

Adoption in the technical sense is not allowed in Muslim Shriah law. This is because Allah does not like this gesture of adopting orphan children. Muhammad Rushed Ridha states, “Allah prohibited adoption in Islam and annulled all the judgements pertaining to adoption.”