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While Hope n’ Change didn’t really want to revisit the sequester debate again today, we couldn’t let Janet Napolitano’s shameless fear mongering slip by without comment because our freaking heads would explode.

Specifically, Janet is trying to help Obama create a sense of impending panic about the eensy-weensy sequester cuts scheduled to begin at week’s end. To do so, she has announced that the Department of Homeland Security will be unable to do its job of securing our borders and providing shuttle bus service for illegal aliens who don’t want to walk all the way to unemployment offices for their checks.

Just kidding! Although Barack Obama has previously argued that we should leave our borders wide open so that we don’t 
“keep out the next Einstein,” Janet Napolitano suddenly feels thatallowing illegal immigrants into our country will compromise national security. 

It sort of seems like if Janet finally wants to close the borders and enforce immigration law on a budget, maybe she could do something creative like – oh – letting Arizona help enforce the law. But unfortunately, when Arizona tried to do that Janet Napolitano, Barack Obama, and Eric Holder wanted to have the entire state arrested and sent to Guantanamo Bay.

Still, Janet is certainly correct that miniscule budget cutbacks at DHS could result in a fresh flood of illegal immigrants on our streets. Not that she’s psychic – rather, it’s because she’s already giving scores of illegal aliens “get out of jail free” cards and 
letting them out of prison to save money

A cynic might almost think that Napolitano is releasing criminals in hopes of seeing acts of violence happen to the American public which this administration can blame on the sequester cuts. And come to think of it, Hope n’ Change is exactly cynical enough to make that very accusation.

There is nothing in the upcoming sequester which should raise fears of doom in the American public. Rather, our fears should be directed at the willingness of our elected officials to deliberately inflict hardship and misery
 on us in order to protect their addiction to insane spending.