CIA Director Sworn In – Sans Bible And Bill Of RightsNew CIA Director, Brennan takes oath on draft Constitution -- without Bill of Rights...

CIA Director Sworn In – With No Bible And No Bill Of Rights

During dinner with RINOs during Rand Paul filibuster – Obama asked for another $600 billion in taxes!

UPSIDE DOWN: Colorado lowers tuitions for illegals…
Army suspends tuition assistance for troops…

Probably caused by Al Gore:

Sunspot numbers are well below their values from 2011, and strong solar flares have been infrequent, as this image shows - despite Nasa forecasting major solar storms

‘Something unexpected’ is happening on the Sun, Nasa has warned.

This year was supposed to be the year of ‘solar maximum,’ the peak of the 11-year sunspot cycle. 

But as this image reveals, solar activity is relatively low.


Sunspot numbers are well below their values from 2011, and strong solar flares have been infrequent, as this image shows – despite Nasa forecasting major solar storms

Number of Tax-Delinquent Government Workers Up 11.5%…
Owe $3.5 billion…

School Confiscates 3rd-Grader’s Cupcakes…
Decorated With Toy Soldiers…

Service Employees International Union Celebrates “Our Comrade” Dictator Hugo Chavez

Obama sending official delegation to Chavez funeral

DIANNE FEINSTEIN HARDEST HIT: Concealed carry permit holder saves Police Officer. Again.

For decades the progressive left warned us that liberalizing concealed carry laws would turn America into the Wild West. That the streets would run red with blood. That road rage incidents would turn into shootouts.
And, as usual, they were wrong.
The opposite happened. Violent crime decreased everywhere CCW permits were issued.
And under-publicized incidents like this happen

…East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s spokesman Greg Phares says Officer Brian Harrison was escorting a funeral procession Friday when he pulled Temple over and wrote him a ticket for breaking into the procession. According to Phares, that’s when Temple attacked Harrison. Police say Perry Stevens was walking outside of the Auto Zone on Greenwell Springs Road when he heard Harrison yelling for help. Harrison was reportedly on his back with Temple on top of him. That’s when Stevens went to his car and grabbed his .45 caliber pistol.
According to Col. Greg Phares, “[Mr. Stevens] orders Mr. Temple to stop and get off the officer. The verbal commands are ignored and Mr. Stevens fires four shots, all of which struck Mr. Temple.”
Perry Stevens fired four shots into Temple’s torso. Officer Harrison had already fired one shot into Temple’s abdomen. With Temple still struggling with the officer, Perry continued to advance toward the scuffle.
“He again orders Mr. Temple to stop what he was doing and get off the officer. Those commands are ignored and he fires a fifth shot and that hits his head. The incident is over with, and as you know, Mr. Temple is dead.”
Police are calling the shooting death justified. Perry Stevens has a permit to carry a concealed weapon…

And isn’t it strange: the areas where citizens are unconstitutionally barred from arming themselves — like Chicago — have become more deadly than Afghanistan.

CT Senator Murphy Tries Dragging NASCAR Into Gun Control Fray

About twenty miles north of downtown Fort Worth Texas you’ll find one of the fastest tracks on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series – Texas Motor Speedway.

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, along comes a clown like Connecticut Senator, Chris Murphy to prove you wrong.

Senator Murphy has made a public accusation that NASCAR is somehow taking sides in the on-going gun control boondoggle because the NRA is the title sponsor of an April race at the Texas Motor Speedway.  He went so far as to write to NASCAR CEO, Brian France, to state his case and urge NASCAR to reconsider.