What in the world is this ‘creature’ (circled in picture above) swimming past the International Space Station in the video below? Check it out! Is this some type of video alteration, a strange anomaly or is this legit? I’d love to know what experts think because, to me, it certainly looks like some type of living creature! Is THIS why we haven’t been back to the moon, because all kinds of life are out there? I certainly don’t trust NASA or any other government agency to tell us the truth about anything! This video and description below is from  StephenHannardADGUK on YouTube.
Incredible footage of a translucent type entity caught briefly on NASA’s live stream of the International Space Station. The footage cuts off due to NASA pulling the plug on the transmission and replacing it with the infamous static bar screen. If this is genuine footage then it proves yet again that NASA have failed to inform the people of the world that life exists outside planet Earth, albeit in this case, a possible proteus life form or invertebrate. Footage submitted via my website by Henry Grantham.