FAA says entrepreneurs can’t operate drones, only police and military can
(NaturalNews) If you’re a business owner, hobbyist or just a drone enthusiast, you need not apply for a permit with the Federal Aviation Administration to operate a drone. You won’t get it, you see, because drone permits are being limited to the…

HONORS NIGHT NIXED: Principal Says Awards May Be ‘Devastating’ to Others    (How devastating is it for the people that excelled?)

What Do Lesbians and Elephants Have In Common?

No, that isn’t the opening salvo of a joke. There is, however, a connection that is much more serious than a bad gag. The link is profligate federal spending.577px-Elephants_-_family 2

Last week it was learned that the National Institute of Health was granted $1.5 million in 2013 to study why lesbians have weight problems. This week it has been learned that, for this year, the National Institute of Health has been approved for an additional $2.7 million to delve into another, emerging crisis in the gay community’s well being: Why are lesbians at increased risk for drinking problems?

But on to the elephants. The Department of the Interior’s Fish and Wildlife Services has awarded $1.5 million dollars, in part, in order to (wait for it) “decrease human and elephant conflict.” A nod to the sequester was a reduction from 2011 and 2012 levels of funding for this identical purpose. In each of those years the endowment was $3.8 million.