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The National Debt Clock in New York City showed a debt of about $14.4 trillion in July 2011. That number was more than $16.2 trillion as Tax Day 2013 arrived

The National Debt Clock in New York City showed a debt of about $14.4 trillion in July 2011. That number was more than $16.2 trillion as Tax Day 2013 arrived and Americans focused on how much they are paying each year for government spending.

White House won’t comment on failure to show massive tax burden of the ‘one percent’

Watchdog says administration is hiding entitlement spending to make the Defense budget look bigger

All the calculations provided by the White House describe national defense as the largest federal government spending program, although Social Security and Medicare entitlement spending is, collectively, larger. Those entitlement programs are administered through payroll taxes, which the White House calculator treats as separate from other tax dollars.

The Obama administration is attempting to ‘cut data from the spending side, likely to avoid showing how much SS and Medicare take out of the budget,’ National Taxpayers Union spokesman Douglas Kellogg told MailOnline, ‘with the added bonus of [Department of] Defense spending appearing to be government’s biggest expense.

Happy April 15th, everyone! The day we must all cough up our “fair share” (at virtual gunpoint) to support the lifestyles of both the ruling class and the fast-growing “entitlement” class! The day we send off our hard-earned cash so the Obama administration can pay loan interest to the Chinese government with which to fund their growing military, or pass along a few tens of millions to the Muslim Brotherhood to strengthen the eternal ties of friendship between our two cultures.

Thanks to your tax dollars, the government will be able to increase your 
healthcare costs while decreasing your access to actual medicine. Covert surveillance of your email, Internet use, bank records, and cellphone
 conversations? You’ve already paid for it! And who doesn’t feel great about knowing that just a little bit of every dollar you earn will help go to slaughter the unborn or, perhaps, recently born?

Your tax dollars also help make the newest “undocumented Americans” feel right at home – in fact, it gives them homes, food, medical care, and walking around money!

And never let it be said that America takes a back seat to 
any nation when it comes to luxury vacations, perks, and retirement plans for our political royalty. 

It’s all thanks to you, Mr and Mrs Evil Rich American Taxpayer! So enjoy your big day – because tomorrow
, Barack Obama will go back to calling for your destruction.