Muslim Terrorists Illegally Got Guns and Made Bombs in Gun Strict Massachusetts

Muslim Terrorists Illegally Got Guns and Made Bombs in Gun Strict Massachusetts The AP reports that the men who detonated explosives to kill innocents at the Boston Marathons and later engaged in a shoot-out with police (after shooting an MIT security guard execution-style) didn’t have gun permits, … READ MORE


According to a new study, our views on immigration are changing. For example, when asked if they support a path to citizenship, 40 percent of the respondents said, “Si.”


Beck Says He Has Proof There Is Government Coverup On Boston Bombing

Glenn Beck has claimed that he has proof the federal government has covered up the Boston bombing as being carried out by Chechnya terrorists. He says that the bombing was actually carried out by Saudi nationals and that he has the evidence to prove it. He gives Obama until Monday to admit it or his show will reveal the evidence.

Glenn Beck: “Call Your Congressmen and Demand Justice on Saudi National” (Video)


America’s jobs figures reveal more than high unemployment, they show a declining productive capacity. Job loss remains a major U.S. problem, but the loss of productive capacity, which lies beneath it, is an even greater and longer-term problem. And unlike unemployment, it is something the vagary of statistics cannot long hide.

March’s jobs report showed a curious anomaly: low job growth (just 88,000), yet a fall in the unemployment rate from 7.7% to 7.6%. The reason such a push-me-pull-you result could occur was a fall in labor force participation by 663,000 and in the participation rate from 63.5% to 63.3%.

Looking askance at this interaction is not looking a gift horse – job creation and unemployment’s rate fall – in the mouth. It is about asking a fundamental question: How long is the continuing decline in America’s productive capacity sustainable?

Obama’s former DHS Nominee: Boston Bombers Are “Not Terrorists”

Wow…Saudi Students In America Up More Than 500% Since Sept. 11, 2001.


White House Receives Petition To Stop All Islamic Immigration Into US

The U.S. Senate heard a bill that lets illegal aliens stay in the U.S. if they pay back taxes and pass a criminal check and have a good job. It could be a deal breaker. Democrats are never going to vote for an immigration bill that only allows Republicans into the country.

Obama To Hit Texas Fundraiser, No Plans To Visit Town Decimated By Fertilizer Plant Explosion


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Only one day after the Boston Marathon was turned into a bloodsoaked terror scene,Homeland Security Director Janet “We Need To Search Your Child’s Genitals” Napolitano said there was “no evidence of a broader plot” despite having no idea who had committed the bombing or why. But her statement was necessary to keep up the Administration’s campaign assertion that Barack Hussein Obama had personally won the war on terror when he personally kicked open Osama bin Laden’s bedroom door and personally put a couple of hot rounds in the old fart’s eyehole.

For Napolitano to make such a statement in the absence of evidence amounts to intentional misdirection. A lie about terror committed against Americans – very much of the kind told, and still maintained, about the successful 9/11 terror attacks in Benghazi.

But now Janet’s story is falling apart. The FBI is hunting for a suspected 
12 member “sleeper cell” of radical Islamic terrorists who may have worked with the Boston bombers. Exactly the scenario that Janet Napolitano and Barack Hussein Obama have been telling us – and presumably law enforcement officials – not to consider because it’s politically incorrect. Which is why, in all likelihood, that the government ignored high-level intelligence warnings from Russia as
recently as last November that Tamerlan, the older brother, had been working with terrorist trainers overseas and was too dangerous to allow back into the United States.

All of which makes us think that when the FBI is rounding up those who have helped enable Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the names “Napolitano” and “Obama” should be high on the list.

Kim Jung Un ordered his strategic rocket scientists to battle stations Thursday. The signs of war are evident. The U.S. Navy ordered anti-missile destroyers into the Sea of Japan, and Jane Fonda just flew to North Korea to be photographed sitting on a missile.