That’s So Gay: Elementary School Has “Gender Bender” Day During Spirit Week


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Former Bin Laden Bodyguard Claims 9-11 Mastermind Blew Himself Up During Raid…

“U.S. special forces did not kill Osama Bin Laden. He detonated himself to avoid being captured after American forces raided his hiding place in Pakistan in 2011,” Abedel Fattah explained to Gulf News.

Abdel Fattah said that bin Laden “wore an explosive belt for the last 10 years of his life.”

“He insisted on never handing himself over to the Americans. The American intelligence had planned to capture him alive, but they miscalculated,” Abdel Fattah said. “He blew himself up to avoid being captured because he wanted to protect his secrets until death.”

Fattah added: “The American president lied when he claimed that Bin Laden was buried in the sea. Bin Laden’s body parts were cut into multiple pieces, which is similar to suicide attacks following the bombing, so as not to leave any clue to the U.S. forces to identify him.””

Man who knew Boston bombing suspect unarmed when shot by FBI…


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