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Oh, they grow up and start having others do the killing for them so fast these days (sigh…). But years ago, living in the luxury of Hawaii and attending a private school, we can well imagine little Barry Soetoro longing to gain the acceptance of a peer group by murdering a tourist in cold blood (“That’s from the CHOOM Gang, Sucka!”)

Because he sure as hell doesn’t seem to be bothered about the story of Australian tourist and all around nice guy Chris Lane getting shot to death in Oklahoma by some black teens who were either “bored” or going for a gang initiation.

Despite that fact that Obama deliberately injected racial discord into the Trayvon Martin story and said that it demanded soul-searching from our entire nation, he couldn’t care LESS about some dead white Aussie shot by young predators who – yes – look like they could be Obama’s sons. Or even Barry himself 35 years ago.

The Whitehouse even claimed to be unaware of the story because, face it, black hoodlums killing a nice white kid for no reason isn’t really news…and even noticing that the incident happenedsuggests that you’re probably some sort of horrible racist.

Meanwhile, noted race-monger, wife-cheater, and 
inventor of the frozen spermcicle Jesse Jackson Jr has boldly come forth to say that the cold-blooded murder of white people by young black thugs is “frowned upon

Way to take a stand, you overpaid, wall-eyed, jive-talking jackass


Sad Update: This 89-year-old World War II veteran, wounded at Okinawa, was beaten to death by two black teens yesterday. At the time of this writing, it’s unknown whether they killed him for the change in his pockets, because they were bored, or because the president of the United States strongly suggested that white people – all white people – should be held accountable for the death of Trayvon Martin.

The greatest danger of violence in our nation doesn’t come from guns or even terrorists – but rather from a feral population gone wild.