On Monday, Barack Obama took a few moments out of his hyper-partisan economic speech attacking Republicans to mention the loss of twelve innocent lives at Washington’s Navy Yard, saying “They’re patriots. They know the the dangers of serving abroad, but today they faced the unimaginable violence that they wouldn’t have expected here at home.”

Unless they lived in Chicago, of course.

But sadly, on that same day, the president was also increasing the “danger of unimaginable violence” against those patriots who are serving abroad – specifically by 
waiving the federal law which was meant to prohibit him from sending arms to terrorists
.   In this case, Syrian “rebels” – many of whom are affiliated with radical Islamic terror organizations including the not-so-on-the-run Al-Qaeda.

The president is using this waiver in order to look slightly less like an idiotic eunuch in his mishandling of Syria and pillow-biting display of “more flexibility” for Vladimir Putin, all of which has virtually assured that Assad will now remain safely in power to supervise the (alleged) dismantling of his chemical weapons stockpile.

And if the price of restoring a scintilla of presidential pride is a massive arms shipment to America’s sworn enemies, violating common sense and the clear intent of the law, then so be it.

Because B. Hussein has never cared about waving the American flag…but absolutely loves
waiving the American laws which were meant to protect us.

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