To preserve the voice of regional constituencies, the framers of the Constitution mandated a specific number of people to be represented per each Congressman, now known as Congressional districts, and they stipulated Senators to be chosen by State legislatures, which were also composed of representatives from the different regional constituencies of the State.

Due to the 17th Amendment altering the election method of State Senators to a State wide popular vote, the Senate no longer accurately represents the will of each State, but instead represents the will of the most populous sections of the State, while disenfranchising people living in rural areas. In a similar way, the winner-take-all Electoral College system in 48 States has done the same thing as the 17th Amendment; advances the will of the most populous sections while disenfranchising the majority of constituencies in each State as seen in the above graphics.

This is a very important issue that best shows its glaring flaws when Americans have unpopular laws, like ObamaCare, imposed upon them. In the battle over funding the Government and the so called Affordable Health Care Act, the national government has come to an impasse in which the House is demanding one thing and the Senate and President refuse to negotiate.