Obama Ineligibe, Usurper, Not Natural Born, Birth Certificate, Long Form, Certificate of Live Birth, Hidden Records, Treason

A Law Enforcement Investigation Proved Obama’s Government-Released Long Form Birth Certificate and Selective Service Registration Card are Both Forgeries and that He has No Credible Proof of Being Born in the USA. A Court-Certified Fraud Examiner Calls It the Worst Forgery He’s Seen in His Career. You Can Prove This Yourself: Barack Hussein Obama (a.k.a. Barry Soetoro, a.k.a. Saebarkah) is a Usurper —

His 4-27-11 Birth Certificate is an Easy-to-Prove Fraud — Obama’s First Act in Office was to Hide His Identity — Congressional Ruling Applied to John McCain Defines Obama as Ineligible —

Not Constitutionally Certified to Serve by Any US State —

Not Natural Born — Refused to Show His Long Form Birth Certificate —

Jailed a Military Officer and Arrested a Woman Who Both Asked to See His Proof of Eligibility —

Spent $Millions, Signed an Executive Order and Created a Hawaiian Law to Hide His Identity —

His Grandmother Swears He was Born in Kenya — No US Hospital Claims His Birth Location —

No One Claims to have been Present at His Birth — Three in Five Americans are Not Convinced of His Claimed Hawaiian Birth —

School Records Say He’s was an Indonesian Citizen —

May Have Received Aid as a Foreign Student —

Yet No Government Body Has Demanded to See His Eligibility Credentials!

Instead, the US State Department has Destroyed His Mother’s Files, the Hawaiian Gov’t Has “Lost” Obama’s School Records and the National Archive has “Lost” Obama’s International Flight Records.
Government Agencies Refuse to Show Original Obama’s Identity Documents.