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First and foremost, Hope n’ Change Cartoons wants to salute and express the deepest possible gratitude to every man and woman who has served this country in uniform. You are the best among us, and we are in your debt. Veteran’s Day should be every day.

But we couldn’t bring ourselves to adorn this page with pictures of flags and parades today. Because such honors seem like a faux, feel good lie when we’ve saddled our military with a president who clearly has no respect for them, their mission, or the country and Constitution they’ve sacrificed so much for.

Our veterans deserve every honor we can give them. But more than another fireworks display, they deserve to see honor restored to the position of Commander in Chief.  

Their Commander in Chief.

Until the rest of us accomplish that, we not only owe our veterans deep thanks…but the sincerest of apologies.

Calls For Impeachment Over Obamacare Deception Begin

It is highly unlikely that Barack Obama will ever be impeached. It is certain that he will never again be trusted. Republicans and sensible Democrats take heed: The nation may not have the stomach to remove a charlatan, but the nation knows he is a charlatan. The American people will not think twice about taking out their frustration and mounting anger on those who collaborate in his schemes.

McCarthy is correct that it’s highly unlikely that Obama will ever be impeached even though he richly deserves it. For that to happen, there would have to be

honorable men in the Democrat Party who put their country in front of their ideology. Since those sort of men no longer seem to exist, the votes simply aren’t there to remove Obama from office.

A new report shows that America will have a shortage of 52,000 doctors by 2025. The good news is they expect no shortage of bureaucrats telling the remaining doctors how to run their practices.

VIDEO SHOCK: O’Keefe reveals Obamacare corruption…


US gives $29m in free subscription meds to illegal aliens…


11/11/2013 — Tropical Storm “Zoraida” formed after Microwave pulse, heads for Philippines


We’ve gone from this:

jfk weather controla

To this:



November 11, 2013

Another microwave pulse has occurred (occurring on November 8th going into November 9th, 2013).

This lead me to make a post yesterday, showing the pulse / beam event, and showing the rotation develop into a storm coming directly out of this pulse. See that post here.

Watch the video explanation here:


Move forward several hours, and now we officially have a newly named storm, called “Zoraida”.  This storm is projected to travel along the same Northwesterly path as the previous Super Typhoon “Haiyan / Yolanda”.

Former Fed Quantitative Easer Confesses, Apologizes: “I Can Only Say: I’m Sorry, America”