Ex-Secret Service agent’s insurance cut under ObamaCare

Looks like the federal government sells those shady fly-by-night bad
apple insurance policies we’re supposedly better off without.

So little Miss Gillibrand thinks that President Nobama should have been “more specific” when he lied to the people and the Congress. Then it would have been OK.

I’ll tell you what Missy, When someone looks me in the eye and tells me a deliberate lie, in order to deceive me, rob me of my property, raise my taxes, and take away my Health Insurance, he doesn’t need to be more specific. He needs to NOT tell me a lie.


Scientists report discovering a revolutionary technique that will allow them to alter human DNA with great precision. Meanwhile, the government still can’t get a website to handle “enter your name”.



Actor Lennix Coy On Claims He Trained Obama
“You’d have to ask him”