Why doesn’t the Attention Deficit Disorder of the Democrat Media ever get stuck on stories about poverty in America so severe that tent cities of the homeless are popping up faster than policies cancelled due to Obamacare. obamaville

Charles Krauthammer chastises the Beltway “journalists” for only keeping journals on Republicans having a policy discussion, while ignoring the suffering in the nation, especially from Obamacare below. Many have been losing jobs and moving into tents for the past two years due to the anticipation of Obamacare’s mandates by employers unable to afford Obamacare-mandated “Cadillac” health insurance for full-time employees:

They were called Hoovervilles in the 1930s, Obamavilles in 2013.

Company begins selling 3D food printers for 2014 delivery

The future isn’t so far away as a company claiming to have combined technology, food, art and design created a 3D food printer available for purchase next year.

The “Foodini” won’t be a total replacement for the chef at home, but is more likely to produce edible designs and prepare some foods in specials shapes that can in turn be cooked.

Natural Machines is already taking orders for the $1,300 printer which it says will be available in mid-2014.

Demonstrations show the machine is loaded with capsules of fresh ingredients, either prepared with a food processor or purchased separately, to print three-dimensional food one thin layer at a time.
GizMag.com says the machine makes sauces, dough, batter, purees, meat and veggie fillings, chocolate and candy.

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(NEW YORK) — A prominent gay rights organization is weighing in on one of the country’s most notorious edible no-no’s this holiday season.   The Gay andFRUITCAKE_Side_H_2 Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) released an official press statement Monday afternoon, suggesting Americans not “hate upon” the commonly criticized fruitcakes, which make their way around America (somehow) during the Christmas season, leaving people pondering how the moist, tangy cakes filled with low-grade fruit chunks that would turn a buzzard’s stomach ever made their way into their homes at all.

Indeed, “fruitcakes” are the holiday desserts Americans love to hate. But this year fruitcakes are finding an unlikely ally standing up for them.   And if you don’t stand up with them too, watch out, you may be a “hater,” a homophobe, a child serial killer … or worst of all: a bully!