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Judge Rules: Obama Social Security Card Fraud May Finally Get Answers

Attorney Orly Taitz may have just found a chink in the federal government’s armor in protecting Barack Obama from scrutiny, following a judge’s ruling over her Freedom of Information Act request from the Social Security Administration.obama-silence1

Taitz has claimed that Obama uses the Social Security number of Harry Bounel and has submitted several Freedom of Information Act requests for the information from the Social Security Administration. Each time, she has been met with stonewalling by the Social Security Administration.

It’s interesting that Taitz points out that she will be “careful not to be Breitbarted or Fuddied,” indicating that she believes that both Andrew Breitbart and Andrew Breitbart and Loretta Fuddy were targeted by Obama for assassination.” Breitbart died on the very day that he said he would begin vetting Obama for the 2012 elections, which raised suspicions.

Fuddy, best remembered as being instrumental in issuing the Hawaii long-form birth certificate, was the only person to die aboard a small plane that crashed off the coast of Hawaii last week.Already, there are questions surrounding the narrative of her death.


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Top Communist Urges Comrades to Cover for Obamacare, Highlight “Racism”

Top Communist Urges Comrades to Cover for Obamacare, Highlight “Racism”

Sam Webb’s message is clear: Unity on the left, defend Obamacare at all costs and play the race card at every conceivable opportunity.

Sound familiar folks?

Ever wonder where Barack Obama gets his strategies from?



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Global warming cleverly hides itself with 1 million sq miles more arctic ice

A chilly Arctic summer has left nearly a million more square miles of ocean covered with ice than at the same time last year – an increase of 60 per cent.

The rebound from 2012’s record low comes six years after the BBC reported that global warming would leave the Arctic ice-free in summer by 2013.

Instead, days before the annual autumn re-freeze is due to begin, an unbroken ice sheet more than half the size of Europe already stretches from the Canadian islands to Russia’s northern shores.

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