Here’s the form for opting out of ObamaCare

We told you yesterday that the Wall Street Journal uncovered a new administrative rule by which HHS is quietly making it possible for just about anyone to opt out of ObamaCare’s individual mandate just by claiming a hardship. Today, Kathleen Sebelius confirms it to the WSJ, although she characteristically tries to pretend it’s nothing new.

Anyway, after we ran yesterday’s piece we heard from a lot of you, wanting to know how to get the form that allows you to opt out of it. Kudos to Sarah for tracking it down from deep in the bowels of the federal goverment’s web maze.

Click here to get it.

Opting out requires you to claim a hardship, and as you’ll see, they don’t require much in the way of proof. It appears they established this administrative rule to give themselves cover so they could argue they’re not forcing people into expenditures they can’t afford. But they don’t really want it widely known because they don’t want too many people taking advantage of it, since they’re having enough trouble getting people to sign up for ObamaCare as it is.

Let’s foil that plan. The official goal of is to see everyone in America opt out of ObamaCare. So go get that form and make it happen, America!