TWISTED: NY Dems Trying to Pass Abortion Bill That Will Legalize Shooting Babies Through Heart With Poison!TWISTED: NY Dems Trying to Pass Abortion Bill That Will Legalize Shooting Babies Through Heart With Poison!

Throughout the second trimester, late abortions can be completed by dismembering the developed unborn child, even when they can feel pain, pulling the baby out piece by piece until the mother’s uterus is empty. After the abortion, the abortionist must reassemble the child’s body to ensure nothing has been left inside the child’s mother.

In abortions that take place later in pregnancy, which would be legalized in New York by the abortion-expanding Women’s Equality Act, often babies are killed by sliding a needle filled with a chemical agent, such as digoxin, into the beating heart, before being delivered.

Words cannot describe how sickening those last two paragraphs are. Yet somehow a group of Democrats are pushing to make it all legal regardless of reason.


There are so many legal issues with Obamacare, lawsuits challenging its various individual components could go on for decades.  However, there are still a handful of issues that could stab the law in its entirety in the heart. 

Origination is one of those issues.  40 CONGRESSMEN HAVE ALREADY JOINED THE LAWSUIT. Now the suit is getting a boost from 20 state attorneys general. 


The lead story in The Times of London today declares Scientists in Cover Up of ‘Damaging’ Climate View.” The Times thinks the story, concerning peer reviewers suppressing a scientific paper purely for political reasons, may amount to the next “Climategate,” on par with the scandal of the leaked emails back in 2009. 

The criminal population

imageIn order to dramatically increase the power of the State, it becomes necessary to persuade citizens to view themselves as criminals.  More criminals means more enforcement, and more power.  The State finds itself authorized to use coercive force against a growing number of people.  The people are willing to cut more money loose for a government large enough to restrain a population of crooks.

imageThe agenda of the modern Left is heavily oriented toward making people view their neighbors with suspicion, and even see themselves as transgressors in need of punishment and control.  This is easily understood by reviewing campus-Left ideas such as “micro-aggression” and “white privilege,” which are designed to make the subjects presume themselves guilty of offenses against peaceful and just society, even when they meant no offense whatsoever.  You can now be held guilty of thought-crime without even having any impure thoughts.  You are taught to see your very life – lived in innocence, with good will toward all – as a crime against utopian standards of equality.

By: John Hayward