The Demons Who Were Cast Out Of Heaven, Are All Muslim

By the admission of the Muslims’ own book, once the demons fell from Heaven, they converted to Islam, and not only that, but they vowed to protect Allah, and call him their lord. The Koran even provides a message from the demons themselves, called Surat al-Jinn (the chapter on the demons — jinn means demons), in which they praise the Koran, confirm their belief in Islam, attack the Trinity, saying God has no son, and promise that they will provide water to whoever converts to Islam

There are two pertinent things to notice here, one is that they provide “drink of abundant water” to whomever “should keep to the (right) way,” which means that the demons bless converts to Islam. Is it any wonder that there are numerous converts to Islam cutting peoples heads off and doing all sorts of brutal murders in the West? People want to talk about when these people were “radicalized,” when the real point of attribution is the demonic influence and possession that is entering these people’s souls and causing them to commit the violence. When you see ISIS slaughtering Christians and destroying churches, what you are seeing is a bunch of people who have drunk the water of demons.


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