EXCLUSIVE: List of 134 Cities Where Violent, Criminal Illegal Aliens Were Sent After Release by Obama DHS


UNPRECEDENTED: Obama Orders Insurance Industry to Withhold New Prices Until AFTER Midterm Elections

Obama Admin Diverted Funds For Fighting Ebola

France is continuing to be plagued by a rash of "scary clowns" running around frightening people. They’re lucky. In America, we have to put up with them regulating our healthcare.

Project Veritas Exposes NC Campaign Workers Encouraging Illegal Aliens to Vote

1st Voter Fraud In NM; WI Mailman Dumped GOP Mailers

Democrats Caught Posing as Republican Election Judges in Colorado!

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"It always amazes me the sheer number of women who defend abortion. Legal abortion has killed 52 million innocents since ’73, that means 26 million roughly, were women. Sick." -Jen Kuznicki

Kerry Warns: 'Our Planet Is Warming'--During Record-Breaking Blizzard

Kerry Warns: ‘Our Planet Is Warming’–During Record-Breaking Blizzard