New Bombshell Report: Obama Lied to the Country On The Osama Bin Laden Raid

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FBI Now Admits Obama’s Pre-Election ‘Report’ That ‘Mass Shootings are Up’ Was All a Lie

Just before last year’s midterm elections, the Obama administration widely distributed an FBI “report” that claimed that mass shootings had increased. Obama used this “report” to flog his gun control ideas and to “prove” that Republicans were wrong on gun control in the wind up to the midterms. Now the FBI has been forced to admit that the report was “imperfect.”

The report was all over the news in September and October last year, only a month or so before the Nov. 4 election. At the time the authors claimed, “The findings establish an increasing frequency of incidents. During the first 7 years included in the study, an average of 6.4 incidents occurred annually. In the last 7 years of the study, that average increased to 16.4 incidents annually.”

But now that the elections are over, now the FBI can admit that the whole thing was a pile of lies.


Hollywood elite to erect memorial to all dead home invaders



Attended by Sean Penn, Barbara Streisand, Michael Moore, and Jane Fonda, to name just a few, the discussion over cocktails and entrées extended into the late evening, until all celebrities came to a consensus that the best way to raise awareness for the victims of gun violence was to erect a statue of an unarmed man with a flashlight and a bag over his shoulder, climbing through a window.

"Deprived by the system of the means to afford expensive things, they try to acquire them the only way they can, by entering someone’s home and taking it. The so-called ‘burglars’ and ‘home invaders’ are, in fact, nothing more than casualties of America’s perpetual war on the poor and racial minorities."

Jane Fonda supported Penn’s statement by saying, "It takes a lot of courage to enter a home of a complete stranger. We should honor their bravery, while at the same time recognize their sacrifice as a shameful legacy of conservative policies.

Bush Lied? NY Times Admits Now That Saddam Did Have WMD


The Central Intelligence Agency, working with American troops during the occupation of Iraq, repeatedly purchased nerve-agent rockets from a secretive Iraqi seller, part of a previously undisclosed effort to ensure that old chemical weapons remaining in Iraq did not fall into the hands of terrorists or militant groups, according to current and former American officials.

The extraordinary arms purchase plan, known as Operation Avarice, began in 2005 and continued into 2006, and the American military deemed it a nonproliferation success. It led to the United States’ acquiring and destroying at least 400 Borak rockets, one of the internationally condemned chemical weapons that Saddam Hussein’s Baathist government manufactured in the 1980s but that were not accounted for by United Nations inspections mandated after the 1991 Persian Gulf war.

A New York Times investigation published in October found that the military had recovered thousands of old chemical warheads and shells in Iraq and that Americans and Iraqis had been wounded by them, but the government kept much of this information secret, from the public and troops alike.




Paging Al Sharpton: Mob Yells “Get That White” While Savagely Beating Family

This is one story you won’t see the mainstream media reporting, and you sure as heck shouldn’t expect to see the Reverend Al Sharpton getting involved.

Last Friday, a mob of approximately 30 black teenagers launched an unprovoked attack on an innocent Alabama family, while yelling, “Get that white!”

According to the victim’s wife, Juli Dawes, who witnessed the attack, the group “was using slurs of race.” She was forced to look on helplessly as they alternated between tasing and beating her husband, Kevin Dawes.

“They just him me in the back of the head,” recounted 14-year-old Brandon Dawes. “I didn’t think nothing about it at first because, well, I thought maybe somebody tripped or something.”

But then things got much, much worse. Mr. Dawes’ injuries serve as proof:


Kevin Dawes tried to protect his son after he was hit in the head, which is when the mob turned their attentions towards him, while Juli Dawes and the couple’s 4-year-old son cowered in the family’s van.

Juli told WHNT that the mob was “laughing and taunting” as they beat her husband senseless. They even smashed the windshield of the family’s car. The attack subsided when the culprits heard police sirens approaching.

Incredibly, authorities have not labeled the assault a hate crime, even though there is clearly no other explanation for it.

Share this report if you think it’s sickening that the mainstream media would be all over this story if it involved a mob of 30 white teens who attacked a black family.