Gitmo Detainee who Obama Freed Monday Said He Would ‘KILL AMERICANS’ if Released

Last Year Had 452 Suicide Bomb Attacks. You Will NEVER Guess How Many Were For Islam

It should be noted that it was not measured by individual bombers, but instead by coordinated attacks. This means that, while there were 7 bombers in the horrific Paris attack that left 130 people dead, it only counted as a single attack.


So, out of the 452 suicide attacks last year, 450 of them were committed by radical Islamists. Of the other 2, one was a Kurdish fighting group (the same kind we are sponsoring and arming to fight ISIS), and one from a leftist Turkish woman. The Turkish woman is still under investigation under suspicion that she may have also been a radicalized Muslim as well.

So how much more damage can this man do to America with the time he has left in office? Hate to break it to you guys, but Obama isn’t done yet. It has just been revealed that he is seeking a powerful position at the United Nations, where if elected, he would rule as the world president.


SHOCKING REPORT: Obama Secretly Campaigning to be Secretary General of U.N. To Act as World’s President



Oregon Democrat Candidate’s Excuse For Crimes: I WAS ON CRACK

Masturbating in public, DWI, theft, and public indecency are some of the charges in the checkered past of Darin Campbell, candidate for Oregon’s 27th House district, which is an open seat as incumbent Tobias Read is running for state treasurer.

Mr. Campbell spent many years working for his father, who was also state representative, before going on to lobby for such organizations as the Oregon Association Of Chiefs Of Police, Radio Cab, and others.

But Nigel Jaquiss of the Portland area weekly Willamette Week has uncovered Campbell’s troubled past:

The first mark on his record came in 1990, when Campbell, then 19, was serving as a police cadet in his hometown, Eugene.

He was convicted of two felony counts of theft after $3,100 worth of police equipment was found in his home.

Then in 1992, he was arrested and convicted again in Lane County, this time on a charge of public indecency, a misdemeanor.

He was convicted of public indecency again in Lane County in 1998 and then in Multnomah County in 1999.

In the latter case, which occurred when he was 29 years old, records show witnesses said Campbell wandered into an open outdoor area on Portland State University’s campus and began masturbating. His conviction in Multnomah County came while he was still on probation for public indecency in Lane County.

Campbell says he doesn’t recall the PSU incident.

“I don’t remember anything about that,” he says. “I’d been up for days using cocaine and crack.”

Campbell attributes the theft in Eugene to youthful stupidity but says he has no explanation for the acts of public indecency.

“It was one of those weird things,” he says.

Turkey: Is It Religiously All Right to Lust for My Daughter?

An anonymous user asked whether, from a religious perspective, a father having sexual desire for his daughter should result in the cancellation of his marriage.

The ulama [scholars] answered that, "There is a difference of opinion on the matter among Islam’s different schools of thought." The fatwa read: "For some, a father kissing his daughter with lust or caressing her with desire has no effect on the man’s marriage."

Terrorized? That isn’t terror. Cutting off heads is terror!

GOD IS GREAT: American Mosques Being ‘Terrorized’ by Drive-by Bacon Attacks


The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is demanding the federal and state law enforcement to investigate a Titusville, Fla., mosque vandalism as a hate crime after the suspect left behind a hunk of bacon. A video of the incident shows a man with a machete enter the mosque late New Year’s Day. He broke windows, tore down lights and left the bacon near the door of the worship center, which CAIR says is proof his motivations were anti-Muslim.

“People are afraid to take their children back to the mosque … ” Rasha Mubarak, the Orlando Regional Coordinator for CAIR told Florida Today.

The bacon attack is one of a string of similar incidents. Multiple mosques have been vandalized in recent months often with pork products left at the scene. Two California mosques were vandalized in December, both hit with graffiti and one with a fake grenade left in the driveway.  Someone left a severed pig’s head at this Philadelphia mosque in December. Read More

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