Image: Google Atlas robots being built to efficiently exterminate 6.5 billion humans (Audio)

Google has unveiled its latest “Atlas” humanoid robot that’s the perfect platform for mounting weapon systems to exterminate humans.

All the global elite technology moguls believe human population must be reduced by 90% to “save the planet.” Humanoid robots will not only make low-wage human labor obsolete; they will also be the machines that are dispatched to exterminate humans that are no longer useful to the global elite.

With plans in place now to eliminate 6.5 billion people on the planet, Google is spearheading the robotics technology that can automate the extermination process using soulless machines.

In this podcast, I explore many different ways to kill Google robots. Human survival may depend on mastering these skills, especially if the robots get taken over by an enemy nation hacker assault or if AI systems take them over and decide to destroy mankind on their own.

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