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Obama picks side in ‘hail Satan’ abortion fight

The Obama administration has been given permission to argue before the U.S. Supreme Court against safety regulations for the abortion industry and alongside the mob that chanted "hail Satan" when the rules were adopted in Texas

Donald Trump donated $20,000 to group promoting gay pedophilia

Donald Trump gave $20,000 to a homosexual group promoting "fisting" and gay pedophilia.

Donald Trump donated $30,000 to homosexual activists, including a $20,000 grant to an organization that promoted "fisting" to middle school students, recommended books excusing homosexual pedophilia, and proclaimed its mission is "promoting homosexuality" in the public schools to children as early as kindergarten.

According to a 990 form filed with the IRS, the Donald J. Trump Foundation donated $20,000 to the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) in 2012 and another $10,000 to Gay Men’s Health Crisis.

GLSEN recommends children face “saturation” in its viewpoint beginning in kindergarten.

GLSEN’s list of recommended books for middle school-aged children includes several titles that minimize or embrace pedophilia.


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